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“When The Walls Are Falling”

Well, here I am again writing about the things that most touch my heart in this Christian walk. One would tend to wonder why it is so necessary for such a process in my life. It’s very simple. Sometimes you just want to share and encourage others but there are other times that you just want others to get it!! I mean “get It” the way you feel it in your heart. It’s not always a process that will be well received, but the idea of trying to get it out is therapeutic. This is one of those times when just getting it out will help!

I know from the topic you are wondering why such a dramatic subject. Well, it’s simple!! We are in a crucial time in our faith. Questions seem to linger in our minds about our walk with Christ that really need answers. I know you ask what questions could one have that shake our faith after so many years of walking with Christ. To put it simply, “Why Do I Feel Like The Walls Are Falling?”

So what walls am I talking about? I’m talking about the walls of our faith! Our Salvation! Why do I feel as if the walls are beginning to crumble from decay. The foundational gates of our salvation are hanging by the hinges and swinging wide open.

Sort of reminds me of the “Gates of Hell” swinging wide open! (Thought for the Soul)

I suppose I am going to place this subject in the category of one of those “B.U.G.S. – Being Under The Grip Of Satan.” There is a constant fight to keep the walls of protection around us as believers and yet Satan always finds a break in the wall to hinder your walk. Well, to be honest, that’s his job isn’t it? I suppose he succeeds in his job more often than not because of our lack of attention to where and how we walk.

We are in a generation of believers where “everything goes”. This is not to say that our present generation lacks the foundation of our faith. I’m just emphasizing the fact that there are many cracks in the foundational walls of our faith. It affects everyone involved.

I am reminded of the book of Nehemiah. The struggle he faced and the desire to rebuild the walls and gates of Jerusalem. It was not an easy task. I am really amazed at the struggle involved for the Israelites to just accomplish the task assigned to them to rebuild the temple. It seemed to take forever to get them on track in buildings the destroyed temple of Jerusalem. They were always faced with the struggle of staying focused on the task at hand. That’s not the say the desire was not there, it’s just that they soon got distracted from their assignment.

  1. Our faith has foundational walls! What are they you ask?

We must be confident in knowing and remembering that the Blood of Jesus was sacrificed as a payment for our debt of sin

We are made fishers of men according the the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ …

We must remember the Word of God never changes and is our guide to living a Godly and successful life…

We are in position to win regardless of the valleys we experience in our lives

We are obligated to live a clean life free from the grip of sin…all garbage must be disposed of in our lives

We are washed in the blood of the lamb through water baptism … no other plan should be the substitute for our cleansing

God expects us to be faithful and live in love with each other

Self examination is expected not tucked away in some dark place

We must be prepared to war against the wiles of the Devil … know our enemy and how he steals and destroys lives

Yes these are some of the foundational walls of our faith that are in distress. What are we going to do about this issue?? Will we allow the enemy full access to our faith? Will we allow Satan to do what he knows best (steal, kill, and destroy)as we neglect our assignment to carry the gospel across the nations? Have we become too busy with our own lives that we turn a death ear to the call of true servanthood to Christ?

Don’t you see, these are only the beginnings of an even greater presence of B.U.G.S. (Being Under The Grip Of Satan).

When I speak about th decay of our walls of salvation and faith, you must understand how the decay comes about. Decay comes about when something has been left to rot or decompose from its original state. It will fall into a state of disrepair.

If we think about some of the foundational walls mentioned above, we can easily see that there may be problems that need to be addressed. The slow decay of our basic and foundational wall of salvation has been compromised. So why is this an obvious concern?

Let me go a little further…

The root of our salvation is the sacrifice that Jesus are so that we could have eternal life. Not only that but He cleared up the debt of that was owed. No one else could pay the price for our sin. This price that was paid seems to have fallen beneath all the priorities we deem important in our lives. Remembering this sacrifice for our lives doesn’t resonate in our minds as it once did.

The focus on teaching and directing souls to Jesus is not quiet as important as is once was in this world of spiritual decline. Our churches have taken a direct hit when it comes to faithful believers and followers of Christ. Pastors are struggling to keep their members encouraged along with themselves. This is another one of those B.U.G.S. Satan has been given space to work and bring about discontentment, fear, and disobedience to God. You must understand, Satan doesn’t want any of us to remember or identify with Jesus.

The spirit of distraction is running rampant amount believers in today’s world. We are getting caught up in the spirit of being entertained and feeling good. The task set before us as one of our foundational walls (teaching and spreading the Gospel of Jesus) is being compromised. We have lost focus on need to build and serve in God’s kingdom. So now can you see the slow decay?

There are things we are accepting as gospel that comes no where near the original direction given to us to follow.

Matthew 28:19 states, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

We are to make disciples! We are to teach and baptize! Christ should be the center of our life!

Where have we gone wrong in today’s world? Look around you and take inventory on where you are in Christ. Are we as believers going in the direction God wants us to go? Have we gotten so used to the form of Godliness that we have taken our eyes off of the wall of salvation God provided to protect us?

All of these questions are important in taking a look at the real answers. There may be answers to these questions that will shock you as a believer. So the main question that should be asked is “What Are We Going to Do About The Falling Walls?”

Will we find our section of the wall and begin the restoration process?

Will we allow the walls of protection ( our Salvation) to continue to decay?

Will we take on the task of making sure the walls are in tack and we are protected against the wiles of the devil?

Will we contend for the faith?

Ask yourself! Where do I fall in this era of decaying faith? Has the grace of God been taken so lightly that we take it for granted?

All of these questions are surely evidence that there are B.U.G.S. in our walls of faith and there is a desperate need for repair. Remember that hope will always be available to us as believers. We can’t give up the fight now and allow Satan to destroy the walls of Salvation around us. Cherish shed His blood for us to assure that we had a way of escape from the world of sin. Don’t let the walls continue to fall around us. Find your part in the rebuilding process !! It’s never too late !! If we don’t stand up for our faith in God, we are subject to fall for anything!!!



Thank you for listening…

Prayerfully Submitted (An Unfinished Story)

Evang. Debbie Watkins

Disclaimer* These posts are no in any way posted based on expert input. My expertise comes from LIVING LIFE in the CHURCH. Please read with an open mind, attitude, and heart. Thank you.

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