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Tell The Truth…Another One Of Those B.U.G.S

Again this is another one of those B.U.G.S. !!! Being Under The Grip Of Satan!

In the Church, you ask? YES!!!

Why do we as “believers” suffer from the Truth Sickness? Or let me be a little more precise…Why is this BUG in the church! What is it anyway?

The truth sickness is another disorder issue that is truly a device used by Satan. It’s out of place in Gods house yet there are those that allow Satan to influence their thought process. This will eventually influence the love, patience, and grace God has given us to share.

This type of spirit disrupts the true call to discipleship.

It doesn’t matter the circumstance, there is always someone in the midst will be argumentative, condescending, rude, abusive, and non-truth tellers. How do we deal with this in the church? It’s going to come up people!

Why does this issue come up? Simple!! The attack of Satan’s devices has no boundaries. Saying you are a child of God does not in any way make you so. There is a lifeline that you must follow in Christ to maintain the status of Child Of God. This is how we confuse the world. Saying or professing one thing but living the opposite.

Living for Christ is not meant to be confusing for those seeking Him. We should not be found causing this to happen. If we profess a Godly life, do that. Pleasing people is not the goal of believers….our task is to show God’s love to others and live so others can see his Love.

It is quite impossible for unbelievers to look past our bad behavior as “Believers”. What possible answer can be given for bad behavior when God offers us a way of correction and forgiveness.

Living life as you please by not following Gods Word is Lying to others around you. Will we make mistakes?… Yes! But we don’t have to settle for staying in a bad situation. We have the power to correct our bad behavior if we choose to do so.

The sickness comes about and lingers when we don’t seek a remedy to cure that sickness. We are people of God. That means we have the power necessary to defeat Satan. Why allow this sickness in bad situations when we can correct them.

People suffering from this issue must first look closely at themselves, examine the hows and whys of their behavior. Look at it honestly with a sincere heart and ask for help from God. Don’t be filled with so much pride that you don’t deal with the situations going on in your life. Coverups can lead to Mess-ups!! Trying to hide something by not dealing with the truth is lying to yourself. This behavior can eventually lead to being an annoyance to others.

Psalms 12:16 states…”The vexation of a fool is known at once, but the prudent ignores an insult.”

Arrogance and a lying spirit show themselves right away. Don’t be fooled that continuing this type of behavior will never be uncovered. It’s ok to realize you have a lying or arrogant spirit. The problem is that once realizing this is your condition, do something about. Allow healing from God. This behavior is not of becoming believers. Understand, when we live the opposite of what we profess, we are lying to ourselves and others.

What type of status are you looking for when you ignore the proper process of walking daily with Christ. Wouldn’t that be easier than trying to cover up sin?

God always allows His Grace to cover us when dealing with our inconsistencies. He always gives us room to correct and recover. Let’s not waste this opportunity. TELL THE TRUTH!

Thank you for listening…

Please leave your comments below…would love to hear them…



Prayerfully Submitted (An Unfinished Story)

Evang. Debbie Watkins

Disclaimer* These posts are no in any way posted based on expert input. My expertise comes from LIVING LIFE in the CHURCH. Please read with an open mind, attitude, and heart. Thank you.

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