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Losing Your Faith

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

So here we are again…another subject in the series of “Getting Rid Of B.U.G.S. (Being Under The Grip Of Satan). This time we want to deal with FAITH. Our FAITH!!!

This is for those of us (believers in Christ) that question our faith when we come in contact with a dilemma, struggle,, or drastic change in our lives. The unexpected things that throw us off guard from the normal routines in our lives. So my question here is, (Why do we question God and our foundational beliefs during such times as this?) There are those that feel that they can no longer serve God because of this crisis. This is the area we want to explore for more understanding and stable answers.

Let’s consider a few things before exploring this issue further.

What’s does our faith in God really consist of? In other words, what do we really beieve when it somes to our faith? Are we connected to a group of believers because of social activities or it’s the thing to do to be popular? This is a time to really know for yourself why you believe in God and what God has for you as a follower.

One can only be as strong in their faith as they will allow the foundational beliefs to take hold of their walk. In other words, know your bible and what God says well enough to understand its significance in your journey with Christ.

Another question to explore! Why is our faith contingent on how God handles our situations or better yet gets us through the things we would rather not endure?

Our experiences in life should and will shake the very foundation in which i t was built but it should not destroy the fundamental structure of why we believe. Let’s talk about the structure of our FAITH in God.

Faith constitutes the fact that we are sure of whatever we hope for even if we don’t see it. There is an overpowering degree of certainty that evolves in the midst of that hope.

So how is it that we are threatened so easily by the idea of what Faith does that we walk away from or waver in the process of obtaining that certainty. Are we certain about things that bring hope only in acceptable situations and not the true experience that life brings?

Remember, trouble will not last always. There must be a willingness to know with without a doubt that God will take you through any and all trouble in your life. We use God as a ticket to always keep you our of trouble’s pathway. God should never be considered that “Get Out Of Jail Free” ticket throughout your life.

Faith involves a desire to do God’s will because you love Him. You want to have a relationship with Him that will take you through the troubled times knowing it will get better simply because He loves you!! God expects us to love and worship Him. That alone will require a lifetime of building a relationship with Him.

It’s important to know that you really can’t lose anything your never had!!! Think about that for a moment!

If you never invested the time and love into building your desire to serve God, then it becomes easier to walk away when things get tough. The lack of knowing who God is can be detrimental to you growth. Your energy will be spent on trivial things that have nothing to do with serving God, salvation, or having faith!!

Consider our faith to be a gift from God to use in our walk with Him.

Ephesians 2:8-9 states, “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, 9 not a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

Having Faith is such a wonderful gift … why waste it!!

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