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“HIDDEN” In Plain Sight…

Everyone knows what it feels like to look for something and you just can’t remember where you put it. There is a certain amount of anxiety that builds up in your mind because you just can’t find what you are looking for. You have this feeling of despair because your mind plays tricks on you. You ask silently “I know I’m not crazy”. So you continue to look and suddenly after stopping the search, you find it right in front of your eyes. The funny part is that the place you found it was the same place you looked several times.

It’s amazing how things can get overlooked when we are not in tune with our surroundings. That thing is not important until you feel like you need it. It’s then that you realize you have forgotten where you last placed it.

Well, let’s talk about the “HIDDEN” things or people within our surroundings. More specifically, our congregations. All of our places of worship are filled with people that have a lot to offer, but seemingly there are many from this group that experience being overlooked or are placed in a category that has no value in the eyes of those in charge (leadership). When you think of leadership, you think instantly that its the pastor or head deacon but in this instance, let’s consider leadership as being anyone that leads in any manner or status.

For the sake of this article, let’s use the meaning of “HIDDEN” as being something that is kept out of sight, or concealed from the view of others. Now let’s think of the word as one of those B.U.G.S. (Being Under The Grip Of Satan). Stay with me for a minute and you will understand how this can become so deadly!!

The environment of the church should without a doubt be one of LOVE, FELLOWSHIP, and SERVITUDE. Yet there exists a spirit that is not only hurtful but painful to many. There are those that feel like they are just overlooked by some of our churches. To make the matter even worst, they are overlooked or shunned by fellow members.

Romans 12:3-4 states…”For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned. For as in one body we have many members,

So, what does all this mean?

There are times when people attending our churches don’t feel welcomed or loved. They even feel as if they are invisible in some areas.

There is one thing for sure we should remember…no one was invisible to Jesus. He always had room for them in His journey. What an example for us to follow!!

Let’s talk about those which may fall in the category of being overlooked or feeling unloved and forgotten. Now please understand, not all feelings in this area are brought about because of what is stated above. Some deep feelings and emotions are sometimes due to insecurity or even mental issues but for this article, we will deal with the subject matter closely as it relates to the typical church member or congregation.

What exactly is the point of this conversation? Are we aware of others around us to the point that our spirit connects with the need within them? Can we put aside our own selfish motives and build someone up when they need it?

James 2:1 state…“My brothers, show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory.

“My brothers, as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, don’t show favoritism .” This context concerns the treatment of rich and poor in the church. James points out that treating someone differently based on his financial status or how he is dressed is wrong. This also applies to those that are weak, helpless, and seeking more help. They should not be overlooked because of their physical or mental status.

To be real, there are many that come to our church services searching for answers to their issues in life. Yet, we (the church) fail to be in tune with their need. Our spirit does not connect to the hurt, confusion, frustration, disappointment, fear, or broken pieces of their lives. There is a tendency to just do the norm and engage in worship service without reaching out to those that were sent to us to get the help they are seeking.

Yes, another one of those B.U.G.S. (Being Under The Grip Of Satan). The trick that Satan presents causes us not to be aware of the need of others. Our attention or focus is on other things we consider a priority. The concept of sharing and giving what God has brought us through can not be hidden or overlooked. The goal is to accomplish God’s purpose. That purpose includes lifting others up by teaching and sharing with them the ways of Christ.

1 Timothy 5:21 states…“In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of the elect angels I charge you to keep these rules without prejudging, doing nothing from partiality.

Favoritism should not be a part of our churches or fellowship. Favoritism is a problem we still deal with. Favoritism and partiality are not from God. Christians are called to love. As humans, we tend to form judgments based on selfish and personal criteria rather than seeing others as God sees them. We must grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and follow His example of treating every person with God’s love.

What do we do with those that enter our presence suffering from loneliness, hurt, and the feeling of being unloved? My people, it’s real!! People, our brothers, and sisters are suffering mentally and spiritually. We have a task at hand that needs to be accomplished. It’s Satan’s job to distract us from our calling and commission God has placed in our hands.

Everything and everyone is significant to the purpose of God. We as believers must understand its importance and why certain things should not be overlooked.

Many times our agenda becomes more important than the commission given to us by God. It’s not so much intentional in many cases, but you must admit that this happens more often than it should in the household of faith.

There are those that come to the place of worship searching for something to fill the void in their life. Searching for someone to actually care about what they are experiencing. Searching for the right solutions for their lives. Searching for someone to help them understand the pitfalls they have encountered. Searching for someone to just show them TRUE LOVE and mean it!

There are those that come to us because they have experienced a loss, tragedy, or failure in their life and they are struggling with it. We have youth that just need to be understood and welcomed along with guiding them to God’s Love. We have those that come to us that are broken or sick and feel they have no better choice for the lives.

The household of faith has a mission that must be accomplished. There are too many “HIDDEN” in plain sight among us. Showing them that God has a better plan for them is not complicated at all. It’s when we get distracted from God’s purpose that we experience neglect and the spirit of not caring for people.

Yes, there are many hidden faces in our congregations. The B.U.G.S. (Being Under The Grip Of Satan) is carrying out the duties of keeping “HIDDEN” the true purpose of a church filled with believers. You see, as long as we (believers) are going to church and not truly worshipping God, Satan is satisfied. He has no reason to panic as long as we just go to church.

When this occurs, there is no true worship or revelation of how God manifests Himself among us. Just going to church won’t accomplish God’s purpose for our lives.

The “HIDDEN” pieces must be found and given direction. Something “HIDDEN” cannot be found if we are not looking or sensitive to its presence. Kinda like being sensitive to God’s spirit, HUH!!

I pray that this article has touched a part of you that desires to do better in God’s kingdom. Our purpose is to carry out God’s purpose. It will be a challenge but how many of you out there are willing to accept that challenge. Let’s look for the “HIDDEN” that are in plain sight. Allow God to guide and minister to the hurting and lost souls that are sent our way!

#SearchingForTheHidden #HiddenPieces #PurposeThroughTheHidden

Thank you for listening…

Prayerfully Submitted (An Unfinished Story)

Evang. Debbie Watkins

Disclaimer* These posts are no in any way posted based on expert input. My expertise comes from LIVING LIFE in the CHURCH. Please read with an open mind, attitude, and heart. Thank you.

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